Outside Plant Installation (OSP)

Physical cabling, whether it be copper or optical fiber, and supporting infrastructure and hardware between a demarcation point in a switching facility and a demarcation point in another switching facility.  Outside Plant Cabling is generally installed as an aerial cable between poles or buildings, in an underground conduit system, or by direct burial.

The needs of an Outside Plant installation can vary greatly due to the inconsistent nature of the environment and request of particular users they will be supporting.  From cabinets housing distribution frames to underground vaults to gain access to conduit systems, there are many construction and requirements that are unique to these installations.  Cabling used in OSP installations typically need protection from electrical disturbances caused by lightning or electrical shorts. Without proper protection, these surges can interfere with functionality as well as destroy equipment and hardware connected to it.

Universal Voice/Data performs numerous OSP installations across a wide range of environments and systems including but not limited to excavations, directional boring, aerial cabling installations, cable tray installations in warehouse/plant environments, and man-hole duct-bank installations.  Installations of this nature can be very complex and complicated, however, Universal Voice/Data has the expertise to meet and exceed all industry standards to provide a professional and functional installation.