Communication via telephone is a necessity of life... so a reliable telephone system with a strong backbone is imperitive!

Question: Which phone system is right for our organization?

Any salesperson would have you an answer to this question in just seconds. We are not salespeople. We are a company who will help you now and after the completion of a job. Whether it's a small key system of a big one, we will be here to support you. We care about the immediate need, but also any future needs for the growth in your organization you may consider or aren't even aware of at this present time. We will in turn, discuss the structure of your organization to decipher the best "solution" for it.

Our "solution" for your telephone system is based your overall needs in cabling for the telephones, paging systems and the connected network that will run parallel and integrate your system. A complete solution put together by a design team specifically for your facility. Do you also need paging capabilities? Do you have warehouse that you will need wireless handsets for your employees. How many lines do you need? How many phones do you need? These are the kinds of questions we ask. We want to help your organization communicate better, and to do so, we get to know your daily operations and your true needs.

Communication while in the warehouse or walking through a three story office complex can be a critical factorin a job completed correctly, getting an answer quickly from an associate, or getting immediate help in an emergency situation. For these situations, we also offer wireless phones that can be attached to your existing phone system. This is the initial setup for the wireless feature to be added to the Norstar system. The base station has 3 digital ports and will support up to 3 wireless handsets. This telephone is backwards compatible with all Norstar telephone systems.

We take pride in the ability to help you and your business. Our staff is knowledgeable and willing to take you to the next step. "Opening better lines to communication" in your organization is what we are here to help you acheive. Call Universal Voice / Data today and speak with a project manager about your telephone solution. Our number is 704.598.6004 or send us email at

"We didn't install the communications wiring for the Pentagon...but we could have". The data lines required to install a successful and reliable phone system are what Universal Voice Data is known for. Our design in Structured Cabling, which is the very backbone of a telephone system, is the key element as to whether a call is clear and reaches the intended destination uninterrupted. Our designers and project managers are meticulous about the placement and reliability of the cabling which will connect you within the office or to the outside world. All of our cabling is fully tested and certified. Our project managers will take the time to plan and make sure that your complete solution has amply room for growth in whatever capacity that may be.