"45 years of combined telecommunication experience".
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Our Management Team consists of 45 years of combined telecommunication experience as outlined below. We have the answers you need. Our experienced staff is willing and equipped with the knowledge to help assist you in any manor necessary so you can "open better lines of communication" in your organization. You may contact us individually via email, or speak directly with an associate by dialing 704.598.6004.

Ginger Penninger, President

Bill Penninger
email: bill@universalvoicedata.com
RCDD Certified
BICSI Member
42 years experience, 19 with AT&T;

Charles Kimrey
RCDD Certified
BICSI Member
State of Georgia Low Voltage Telecommunications License
15 years experience

You may call us directly at 704.598.6004, or for general inquiries send email to: info@universalvoicedata.com

We take pride in the ability to help you and your business. Our staff is knowledgeable and willing to take you to the next step. Opening better lines to communication in your organization is what we are here to help you achieve. Call Universal Voice / Data today and speak with a project manager about your structured cabling, paging or telephone system solution. Our number is 704.598.6004 or send an email to one of our associates directly listed to the left or below.

Thank you!

We would like take a moment to personally THANK YOU, for taking the time to visit our website. We hope it is informative and helps you better understand our organization and the knowledge we bring to the industry of Structured cabling and it's many facets.